Help Desk

Web & Remote Help Desk

The PC Solutions Web Help Desk is available to all customers and will allow you to log faults by simply visiting the online interactive website

Once you have created your Help Desk account you will be able to log new faults, access and view any current jobs and also recall completed jobs so you can see the progress that is being made on your request.

The system is monitored continuously so once a job has been submitted it will be assigned to the relevant engineer and you will be contacted shortly.

Jobs that can be submitted via the web help desk.

  • Callouts ( You are able to request for one of our engineers to attend site and resolve your problems at your home or business )
  • Remote repairs ( You are able to request for one of our engineers to login to your computer and remotly resolve your problems )
  • Quotations ( You are able to request a quotation for products and services )
  • General advice on problems ( You are able to ask any of our engineers for advice on a problem you may have that can be resolved via email or phone )
  • Supply of parts ( You are able to order or request anything from computers to peripherals and consumables )
  • Internet / Network Services ( You are able to log a fault that you may have like adding an email address to your domain or home network problems )

Basically, anything that you would normally phone up for can now be submitted via the help desk.

If you would like to enter the Web Help Desk please hover over the Help Desk menu item above & click “Login To Web Help Desk” or you can click here

Remote Help Desk Software

Remote Assistance is now available to everyone.

We are pleased to offer a service where we can look at a problem remotely without you needing to bring your computer in to us or an engineer coming out to your premises.

If you require us to remotely access your machine and have a look into a problem that you are experiencing please contact one of the engineers at the office and we will talk you through installing our remote software and then arrange a time to login and look into the problem for you.

This service is only available if you have sufficient privileges to install programs on to your computer, your computer must have access to the internet and a connection has been established.

The remote software will enable us to help resolve your problems however we can’t diagnose all faults this way as unfortunately some faults require specialist tools, equipment and software to diagnose the fault.

For more information please contact any of our engineers at the office and we will be glad to help.

To download the remote software for installation please hover over the Help Desk menu item and click “Download Remote Help Desk” or alternatively click here.